SMPS Solar Inverter

SMPS (switch mode power supply) series solar inverter has power charging efficiency  30%~60% higher than traditional controller charging.

This inverter has automatic system identification, a three-stage charging mode can charge a variety of batteries, an intelligent control discharging mode, and RS232 communication.

This inverter can provide reliable sine wave power to important electronic devices and can be utilized in residential or commercial applications.

It is suitable for all kinds of loads, such as a ship, heavy truck, industrial device, air-conditioner, TV, POS system, refrigerator, washing machine, PC and power tool (optional 1KW to 6KW). SNS series can start a larger motor load with its high overload capacity. Once started, all inverter functions are completely automatic.

This inverter is suitable for home and special environments. This series is characteristic of stable performance, large charging current and high charging efficiency – it can charge a full battery quickly. The output is a true pure sine wave.

General Specification
Input Wave FormSine wave (Utility or Generator)
Nominal Voltage120VAC 230VAC
Low Voltage Trip90v± 4% 184v/154v± 4%
Low Voltage Re-engage100v± 4% 194v/164± 4%
High Voltage Trip140v± 4% 253v± 4%
High Voltage Re-engage135v± 4% 243v± 4%

Max Input AC Voltage150VAC 270VAC

Nominal Input Frequency50Hz or 60Hz (Auto Detect)
Low Frequency Trip47Hz for 50Hz, 57Hz for 60Hz
High Frequency Trip55Hz for 50Hz, 65Hz for 60Hz
Output Wave Form(Bypass Mode) Same as input
Overload ProtectionCircuit Breaker
Short Circuit ProtectionCircuit Breaker
Transfer Switch Rating30 amp or 40 amp
Efficiency On Line Transfer Mode95%+
Line Transfer Time10ms Typical
Bypass Without Battery ConnectedYes
Max Bypass Current30 amp or 40 amp
Bypass Over Load Current35 amp or 45 amp: Alarm